Running with dogs

I know I talk a lot about dog exercise and its true. Dogs in general, and especially rottweilers¬†need a lot of exercise. So I take our dogs out for a walk around 8 times a day even though they have it pretty good being able to roam in the outdoors of our home it won’t help much if you don’t engage with them and create a playful environment where they can blow off some steam.

I love running and so does my dogs. The hard part is to get them to run beside you and not pull the leash because when these muscle dogs do you lose your good way of breathing and get exhausted in minutes. If they pull the leash you’ll be running at 20 mph in no time. Kidding aside, dogs need pack leaders and if you aren’t the leader of your pack the dog will take over. That is why he decides to go in front of you and lead the way. But it should be the other way around.

My 2 quick tips for running with dog

1. Show them who’s the boss

Show your dogs that pulling and misbehavior isn’t the way to go.¬† You are the leader of your pack and you should act that way. If they do not follow your rules you sit them down and stop running. My dogs know that if they misbehave there will be no more running and boy do they love to run. So much they wouldn’t dare to test my patience. Especially when I’m running, who doesn’t get angry when they have a hard time breathing.

2. Keep a short leash

Keeping your leash short lets them know that you are in control and that they should run with you and not from you. You also get a better starting point for correcting misbehavior if anyone of them starts pulling or going in the other direction. This makes you like a synchronized swimming team. The follow you and are waiting for your next move, to show them where to go and how fast to get there.

Why run with dogs

Because you both get exercise at the same time. You need to let your dog blow off steam just as much as you may need it. So head out on a nice path and get grinding. Americans are getting fatter and fatter which should be another motivational booster for you to keep your health in check.