Running with dogs

I know I talk a lot about dog exercise and its true. Dogs in general, and especially rottweilers need a lot of exercise. So I take our dogs out for a walk around 8 times a day even though they have it pretty good being able to roam in the outdoors of our home it won’t help much if you don’t engage with them and create a playful environment where they can blow off some steam.

I love running and so does my dogs. The hard part is to get them to run beside you and not pull the leash because when these muscle dogs do you lose your good way of breathing and get exhausted in minutes. If they pull the leash you’ll be running at 20 mph in no time. Kidding aside, dogs need pack leaders and if you aren’t the leader of your pack the dog will take over. That is why he decides to go in front of you and lead the way. But it should be the other way around.

My 2 quick tips for running with dog

1. Show them who’s the boss

Show your dogs that pulling and misbehavior isn’t the way to go.  You are the leader of your pack and you should act that way. If they do not follow your rules you sit them down and stop running. My dogs know that if they misbehave there will be no more running and boy do they love to run. So much they wouldn’t dare to test my patience. Especially when I’m running, who doesn’t get angry when they have a hard time breathing.

2. Keep a short leash

Keeping your leash short lets them know that you are in control and that they should run with you and not from you. You also get a better starting point for correcting misbehavior if anyone of them starts pulling or going in the other direction. This makes you like a synchronized swimming team. The follow you and are waiting for your next move, to show them where to go and how fast to get there.

Why run with dogs

Because you both get exercise at the same time. You need to let your dog blow off steam just as much as you may need it. So head out on a nice path and get grinding. Americans are getting fatter and fatter which should be another motivational booster for you to keep your health in check.

Exercise tip from Cooper – Hoverboard strolling is a thing

Super Cooper Sunday is one of the youtube videos I love to watch every Sunday and it’s about a golden retriever doing some very uncommon things for a dog like sunbathing, trying new cool dog toys and so on. In one of his videos, he gave me a new dog exercise idea: Riding a hoverboard while taking my dogs for a walk.

Thoughts on the hoverboard exercise

Riding a hoverboard while being able to give my dogs their well-needed exercise. These muscle dogs need a bunch of activity and

These muscle dogs need a bunch of activity and lets be honest, I and my dogs do not have the same energy level most of the time. That’s when I think a good hoverboard might be a great addition to our workouts. For me to be able to drain their energy while conserving some of my own for the other “must do” things in my human life is essential.

As long as you can control your dogs and don’t have them pulling the leash it shouldn’t be a problem.

The hoverboard dog walk

The whole thing seemed easy and I thought it would be pretty straight forward. Here are the three things that I thought would be the hardest with riding a hoverboard:

  1. Finding a good and safe hoverboard
  2. Learn to ride
  3. Getting off the darn thing

We’ll number 1 was a stroll in the park. I went for a more simple hoverboard, the Hovertrax from Razor which was said to be a really good hoverboard from what I read about it.  Number 2, however, took a bit more time to check off my list. But I am really glad I bought this specific hoverboard due to the fact that it stays balanced by itself which I assume makes getting on and off much easier.
It must be really hard without that feature because I still had some problems getting off it.

So that’s it. I’m read now, right?

I even saw a picture of someone taking their goat for a little stroll while they rode a hoverboard.

goat walking hoverboard

How hard can it be?

Obviously, I’ve made a few critical wrong assumptions that Poppy (my newest) would love to do this as she is full of energy and while being very young she loves to explore the world which is still pretty new to her. She was not as thrilled as I was and you can see that in the way she positioned herself in the picture below.

poppy not liking the hoverboard

While I was still stuck at the learning stage riding indoors, she jumped me. Causing me to quickly try and avoid her paws riding backward eventually landing on my butt, which is still hurting by the way.


Poppy got to stay home while I took Chuck and Lori for a ride and it went fantastic. Both Chuck and Lori are well-trained dogs so there’s no leash pulling or struggle which probably are the reason to why it went as well as it did.

Although I am not too comfortable riding at higher speed yet we probably did a good 5 miles.

When we finally got back home, what I thought would be a satisfying non-energy draining walk turned out to be the total opposite. My legs were shaking and it felt like I just ran a marathon. Probably because I wasn’t comfortable enough to just let go and stop being so tense while riding.

How fun it must have been seeing me. Two dogs, about 1.5 hours of experience of riding most of that time indoors. Probably looked like the stiffest hoverboard rider, ever.

All things good though and no broken bones which is great. Will be riding a bit more and see if we can’t kick it up a notch. The manual say that the Razor Hovertrax should be able to do around 10 mph so that should give them a decent exercise.