5 Exercise tips for rottweilers owners

Below you’ll find our best tips on how you can give your dog that excellent exercise in order to keep it calm. Restless dogs can be a hassle and that is especially true when it comes to rottweilers which are larger dogs with a lot of muscles and energy. This energy needs to be drained completely from time to time and they have a certain need for being outdoors a lot more than some other dog breeds.


1. Playing drains a lot more energy than just walking

dog-01-ma0169-01pThis is kind of self-explanatory, but it is very common for people to just walk their dogs. Exercising, training and playing with your dog will reduce its energy which will give you a more calm and stable dog. Often when people have problems with their dogs it is because the dog hasn’t been properly taken care of in terms of walks, training, and playing. Your dog needs to get activated both physically and mentally.

If you exercise your dog regularly and accurately you will be given so much in return. A stable and calm dog that listens to your every call.

2. Combine “walking” your dog with your own exercise

If you’re an active person yourself, don’t leave your dog at home. He/she can just as easily run beside you while you jog, or even if it’s just a power walk your dog will gladly tag along. This is your only friend who will never say no to you when asked if he/she is up for a jog. If possible try going into the woods for your next exercise or perhaps some interval training up and down a hill. You will drain your own energy and at the same time your dog/s will get to drain theirs. This will not only give you the above-mentioned calmness and stability, you two will strengthen your bond together.

3. Use various transportation to give your dog that extra exercise

Well we’ve all been there, haven’t we? Someone is staring at you from beside the door and might even give you a little gruff to let you know it’s time to go outside. Some days you’re just not up for an exercise or perhaps you’re recovering from yesterday’s exercise. Well, there are things that can help. There are a bunch of new fancy transportation tools that can help you out in these scenarios.
Perhaps just tie the leash to your bicycle and head out. If you’re to soar to even paddle then perhaps some of the more futuristic things might help you out. Like an electric scooter, or perhaps even an electric bicycle. You wouldn’t have to give much of an effort in order to give your dog a good workout.

4. Tracking consumes a lot of energy

Not all breeds are good at tracking but rottweilers are excellent at tracking and therefore you and your four-legged friend should utilize this. Make a track an hour before its time to go out, then let your dog try to find the thing you’ve made the track with. After a while, you’ll probably need to get a lot better at hiding things. This might not seem like an energy draining activity for your dog, but it really is. Tracking requires a lot of focus from your dog, there are so many senses activated at the same time and this drains your dog completely. Depending on how big a track you create the more energy it will consume. Likewise the harder you make it the tougher it will be for your dog.

5. Finding others with dogs needing exercise

This is probably the least energy consuming option for you, but the most energy consuming option for your dog. If you can find a playmate for your rottweiler they will create their own games and do things that come naturally to them. This consumes a lot of energy for them, but none for you. If you’re not a part of the game that is.
Dr. Spelman once said: “If you watch a group of dogs in this setting, they create their own games and expend their extra energy the way they choose too.”


That should give you plenty of ideas on what you and your four-legged friend can do and at least it should get that brain spinning creating new tweaked ways of having fun while getting fitter and more well balanced.

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