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10 Heroic Dogs that Saved Lives During the war, dogs and soldiers are tracking down people, finding explosives and other K9 specific tasks.

  1. One dog named Buster a springer spaniel went above, and beyond his call of duty during the five tours, he served in Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan. Sadly he passed away recently at the age of 13 (July 17, 2015) during his time with Britain’s Ministry of Defense Dog Unit Buster saved thousands of lives. He was the asniffer dog which is the nickname given to K9 to go through intensive training in the armed explosive search
  1. One of Busters most heroic feat was tracking down suicide vests during a house raid along with the vest’s makers and potential suicide bombers In 2012 Buster receive the cross friends for life award His human partner RAF Police Sergeant Will Barrow wrote a book titled “Buster, the military dog who saved a thousand lives” detailing their time spent together. Their home is burned they can thank their dog for alerting them and firefighters for putting out the fire. when they got here they saw flames shooting out of the home in the garage area and here’s a great part: the homeowners were already outside. The reason why is the dog. My dog woke me up when he was trying to bark I thought that something is going on
  1. That’s him; that’s Champ. He is the one who saved us! A female dog from the Philippines saved the lives of two young girls after she threw herself in front of a speeding motorcycle to shield them from getting hit.

Both the girls and the motorcyclist sustained minor injuries however the dog was seriously injured in lost its snout and upper jaw in the accident.

  1. A seven-year-old boy was walking home from school in Siberia when he heard barking. It came from a nearby shaft. When he got to the shaft, he saw a dog trapped at the bottom The young boy desperate to save the stray dog reached and tried to climb down to rescue him. Unfortunately, he also slipped down to 3-meter shaft. His shouts for help were in vain as the shaft muffled the noise the young boy was later noticed missing, and a 200-strong team of workers went out searching for him the young boy and dog were found3 days later after road workers heard exhausted barks from the shaft. when they peered inside the dog was covering the young boy to keep him warm the dog saved the young boy from hypothermia.
  1. The stray dogs since disappeared and had never been seen again eight-year-old pit bull named Lily saved the life of her master Christine Spain by pulling her out of the path of an oncoming train. Spain had passed out on the railroad tracks in Massachusetts although the owner survived and was unhurt the train struck the poor dog, and her front leg had to be amputated.
  1. He’s walking a blindfolded apprentice instructor the training supervisor walks along. In no time a car careened down the sidewalk, and he reacts fast. O’Neil (dog) kind of reacted just before me wondering what was going on and I think he heard something before the pop of the window Maybe the tires were going up on the car which was pretty incredible. He actually turned around and saw it. He shouted, so I turned around just slightly after that I see this car coming up backward behind me and no time to think except just get out in their this all happened on Jan Fourth Streets policy. .
  1. Say a 93-year-old woman was attempting to park they put a car in reverse the accelerated barreling down the sidewalk Kilo, a 12-year-old pitbull from Staten Island was shot in the head while he was trying to protect his owner from a home invasion, fortunately, the dog survived as the bullet went into a skull and exited from his neck Kilos owner Justin Becker couldn’t be grateful enough and in an interview with CBS said he’s a hero he saved my life he went to protect me any did his job the house in Melbourne Australia caught fire.
  1. A woman, her three children, and their dog managed to escape The family also had another dog that refused to leave the house that dog name Leo was found by firefighters passed out from smoke inhalation an intense heat was guarding kittens. Leo later had to be revived by firefighters using oxygen and a heart massage because he refused to leave the house until the kittens were safe. Leo has since been calledLeo the Lion Heart When Leo came around he rushed to kittens and licked them with joy.
  1. A dog in Kazakhstan died while saving his owner’s life the pooches 48-year-old owner consumed a bottle of hard alcohol before passing out and some railroad tracks a law enforcement official states: Upon seeing the train the dog started pulling its owner away however it was a little too late the dog managed to save its master butdied when it back paws were run over by the train.
  1. shelter dog adopted six years ago possibly saving the lives of his owners nine weeks old daughter Duke jumped onto his owners bed in the middle of the night and started shaking and behaving strangely the family sense that something wasn’t right and went to check on the baby they found out that she was not breathing and called the ambulance immediately Fortunately the infant is doing well now.

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