Today we will see the Rottweiler History. In the year 73 before Christ

The Emperor Vespasian of the Flavian dynasty sent Roman legions southwest of what is now Germany, near the Black Forest in a strategic point where several travel routes crossed and there he founded what was to become a city, which was called Arae Flaviae the city served as a fortified outpost and as a passage for legions would venture in lands further north of achievements.

To feed all the soldiers, herds of animals accompanying them, and to protect these herds, They were used dogs that were probably the dog Molossus which was also called Canes Pugnaces (or Canis Pugnax) by the Romans and in addition to shepherding flocks and protect against attack by predators, also helped the troops in the wars.

Around the year 260 after Christ, the Germanic people Swabian managed to take control of the city, expelling the Romans who ended up leaving most of their dogs who were just crossing with native breeds such as the Bullenbeisser, for example, an extinct German hunting dog. This ended up giving rise to a new dog of various size.
Under control of the people of Swabia, the city now has as main activities agriculture and livestock.

They realized the ability of dogs to deal with animal and its immense usefulness in other functions, and they made them indispensable at work. The expulsion of the Romans also took the city change it probably has several red-roofed buildings, just receiving the nickname “Das rote will” which means “red roof.” And it was later adapted to the Rottweil name.

The city became an important cattle trade canter and butchers in the region used these dogs enough that for this reason became known as “Rottweiler Metzgerhund” which means “Rottweil butcher’s dog.” These dogs were extremely useful as herding dogs, draft dog and watchdog values and property until the late 19th century when herding with dogs was banned Added to this. They began to use other animals to pull and use trains to transport. This all contributed to the decline of the race; that useless almost reached total extinction.

In the early 20th century there was only one adult female of the breed, and to rescue the Rottweiler some enthusiasts had to cross this bitch with dogs of similar breeds.

The breeds used in the rescue were never declared but it is believed to have used the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog race, which It has similarity and ancestry in common with the Rottweiler, and probably also the Beauceron, a French cowboy race, and ancient origin.

Having just succeeded in generating a good number of copies a group of breeders got together and founded the DRK club 13 January 1914.

The club already had about 500 dogs and used as the main player the dog “Lord von Der Tech” but the first dog registered in the club “Russ von brukenbuckel.”

The DRK members sought to produce excellent working dogs for functions such for example guard, and they did not care about the look of dogs.

On April 27, 1915, was founded another club, SDRK soon after changed its name to IRK and aimed pradonizar Rottweiler by appearance or IRK already had about three thousand copies and was based a male dog called “Ralph von Neckar.”

There were also other clubs dedicated to race various parts of Germany, and in 1921 all clubs joined forming ADRK, which is still the club most important race in the world and said all Rottweiler creation rules. Before binding, the tail cutting is not done by most farmers.

The Rottweiler was recognized by the international federation cinológicao on June 19, 2000.
Varieties: as well as in several working breeds the Rottweiler has more geared lines for dog shows, and other directed to the function mainly for guard duty. It is interesting to mention that today there is a strange trend developed dogs with very short muzzles Stop and exaggerated, no reason works, l than satisfy personal preferences creators.

It is also important to address the issue of such “American Rottweiler” This term was originally used to designate American strains Rottweiler, but today it is also used to name mongrel dogs without defined origin, born in the states united and lembrma a little Rottweiler, but do not belong to the race.

Physical characteristics: Colour always black with brown marks any white spot, in addition to being unacceptable, it is also seen as a sign of interbreeding Height.

Height: The height of the male ranges 61-68 cm at the withers and females between 56 and 63 centimeters. The current standard considers the ideal height of 65-66 cm for males is 60 to 61 cm for females.

Weight: standard reports that male’s peso 50 kilograms and females approximately 42 kg.

General characteristics and temperament:

Rottweiler is an active, intelligent dog brave, alert, loyal, trainable and eager for work. It is a dog that likes to have a function. It is very protective and both territorialism against humans and against animals.
It is suspicious of strangers, the feature that makes it an excellent watchdog males tend to be very dominant and therefore are not suitable for new owners. Male or female may also have difficulty getting along with dogs same sex. This feature is more exacerbated in males. Socialization with other dogs as a puppy is essential.

Use:  Rottweiler can be used as a police dog, military dog, and dog-guard residence. It can also be used as the herding dog.

Health: The most common disease reported in Rottweiler is hip dysplasia so before purchasing a puppy is important to check the x-ray of the parents. These dogs can also be affected other joint problems and heart diseases, skin allergies and hypothyroidism and to develop gastric dilation, mainly in the case of heavier dogs. Its coat does not require regular brushing.

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